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To make your booking experience easier, here are the frequently asked questions from the community. If you have any additional questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. 

  • What are Hazz Entertainment hours?
    Hazz Entertainment offers services Monday- Friday after 4pm for the state of Delaware and all day Saturday-Sunday. If you need service outside of business hours, contact us.
  • Where does the bus travel to?
    Our party bus travels to Philly, Baltimore, Ocean City Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey, and anywhere in the state of Delaware. In addition, we offer overnight travels with travel expenses applied. Discussions are to be made with the owner prior to booking.
  • How many people does the bus seat?
    Our party bus seats 18 people comfortably.
  • Can dancers be on the party bus?
    For your satisfaction, dancers are allowed on the ride to and from the scheduled destination.
  • Can the pole in the bus be removed for kid friendly events?
    For your satisfaction, the pole in the bus can be removed for any reason.
  • How quickly can I receive videos from the 360 photobooth?
    Our 360 photobooth videos can be distributed during or after your event.
  • How many people does the 360 photobooth hold?
    Our 360 photobooth has a max limit of 4 people.
  • What are the live entertainment services Hazz Entertainment offers?
    Hazz Entertainment offers singing, poetry reading, and event hosting.
  • What's included in the photography services?
    Photo edits are offered with photography services. Typically, you will receive your photos within 2-3 business days. In the event, you don't receive your photos within two business days, contact us.
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